Monday, July 7, 2008

Faith Begins At Home

Parents teaching catechism to their own children at home is very enriching not just in knowledge but as a life experience in itself. It’s not just about teaching catechism to young children, but it also serves as a reminder and revision for us, the parents. We were surprised. There were so many things we thought we knew until we opened up the catechism text and realised otherwise. While the children were being taught, we too were rejuvenated.Faith becomes alive as we try to live a Gospel life. We have to constantly remind ourselves to practice what we preach. As a result, we are doing things differently and the children notice and ask questions. At times it is the children who remind us to turn to God and lead us onward to pray together as a family. Never underestimate the young ones. They are our lifelines especially when we are weak. In times of crisis, we sometimes depend on our own logical thinking while our little ones entrust themselves totally to Him. So, I encourage you to catechise your children. Embark on it! “Be Not Afraid!”

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