Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Always My Son

You are my son, a part of me, and that will never change,
No matter what you do in life my love will still remain.
I held you as a baby and I looked into your face,
And I knew then, no other one could ever take your place.

I knew then as I held you, you would grow to be a man,
And anything you did in life I’d try to understand.
I knew you would make choices and would follow your own heart,
I only prayed that in your life I’d always have a part.

I knew some things you did in life would give me so much pride,
But also realized some things would tear me up inside.
I only want the best for you and want you to succeed,
And want you to find happiness with everything you need.

I can only guide you and give you a helping hand,
You will choose the path to take now that you are a man.
Along the road that you will choose, whatever that may be,
Just remember this my son that you can count on me.

I will not try to push you to live life in my own stride,
I only promise I will love you and stand by your side.
I know that you will make mistakes and life is full of them,
But realize my love for you will not let me condemn.

I know this life's not perfect and we do the best we can,
Just realize I love you and I’ll always understand.
I knew one day you would grow up and you would leave my nest,
I will do what I can for you and let God do the rest.

I have held you in my arms and done the best I can,
Now I pray that God will hold you now that you're a man.
Just remember in my heart you are a special one,
And I will always proudly tell the world, "this is my son."

by James A. Kisner

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