Thursday, November 10, 2011

Loy Kratong Festival

This night we witnessed the Loy Kratong festival in Ratchaburi province. I looked around to see interesting kratong designs and many were uniquely made. Photos below.

Kratong or float is basically made of banana leaves and trunk, flowers, a candle, incense and a coin of any amount. Nowadays it can be made of anything, from chunks of styrofoam, lottery tickets and bread!

The kratongs above are made of bread, made attractive by food coloring and each designed artistically.

Plain looking kratongs made of bread and decorated with dendrodium orchids and marygolds.

Bread kratongs decorated with paper flowers.

A view of the Mekong River with lots of people joining the festival. Two giant kratongs were seen floating from a distance.

A giant purple,pink and orange colored kratong.

A smaller hot pink kratong.

A kratong replica of the Suphanahong, the king's boat.

JM and dad watching the lions' dance.

I saw a green tree and a . . . . .

pink tree.

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