Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today at IKEA

We did a lbit of shopping today at IKEA  today. I bought some stuff needed at home,  accessories and food stuff of course. Every item is reasonably priced and uniquely designed. I chose the three in one canister above for storing tea bags and medicine.

Potpourri to make my home smell fresh the natural way.
I'm on a diet, so I bought these unsweetend oatmeal cookies and . . . . .
cereal crackers which go great with my green tea.

It was really nice shopping for Swedish things and food. I'll definitely be back for more shopping.
Here's JM outside IKEA before the heavy rain that evening.
And waiting for us to get done with everything under those giant IKEA buttons.
We had out first taste of Swedish food, reasonably priced and delicious at the IKEA restaurant. The first serving was not enough, we were back for more !
These floral frames are beautiful ! I'll definitely buy one on my next trip to IKEA.
JM took a break at a model living room at IKEA after a long and tiring walk at the megamall.

Hope to be back there soon !

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