Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phanthai Norasing Shrine

After our lunch , we drove back home and along the way, we saw a big sign in English that says Norasing Shrine. I've never been to this place before, so we decided to drop by for a visit. The entrance to the shrine is guarded by a couple of giant cock statue.

A couple of Garuda (bird) statues holding lamps also guard the entrance to the shrine

Here is the left side of the Norasing Shrine. It is surrounded by big and small cock statues placed by visitors whose wishes have been granted.

JM poses for a souvenir photo with the shrine as a background.

A replica of the ancient boat decorated by colored nylons. Placing colored nylons on anything sacred is a sign of reverence for Thai people.

A front view of the replica of the ancient boat.

The authentic hat worn by Norasing is enclosed in a glass case for safekeeping and worship.

Another shrine revered by Thai people. So many are these with different dieties inside, I decided to take a photo of one, not completely knowing what is inside.

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