Sunday, August 1, 2010

Romaneenart Park

Close to the Giant Swing and Wat Suthat, Romaneenart Park is the only non-ceremonial park in the center of the city. The park is less that five years old, and was built on the site of the old city jail. One wall and some of the old guard towers have been retained and made part of the park. A large number of fountains help keep the park cool in the middle of the big city.The park features some basketball courts, a playground and a sort of "muscle beach" area for weight lifting. Romaneenart Park is on Siriphong Road, which runs from Wat Suthat down to Pahurat Market in Bangkok's Little India section, next to Chinatown.

The building of the old city jail.

JM taking a break during the tour of the park.

The gate of the old city jail.

An old guard tower.

The wall of the old city jail.

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