Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Used to Work Here

Monday, I went back to the university I used to work as a lecturer nine years ago , for personal business and to see old friends. So many things have changed. The nine story building above was still under construction that time and now houses several faculties including the graduate school , the international program and the English center.

The old buildings like the one above house student bodies and there are lots more canteens, food shops and convenience stores inside the campus. Even on summer breaks like now , the university grounds is still congested with cars and motorcycles.

I used to hold office in the building above with the then vice-president for academic affairs now retired from service. I also shared the office with lecturers from several faculties . The building is now being used solely as an Internet Center.

Right now, I'm thinking of going back there to work. I'm more inclined to teaching university students than secondary school kids. If it's meant to be , maybe one day I will.

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