Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday's Trip to the Sea

JM on one of the bamboo benches in the heat of the summer sun.

Sunday found us taking a boat ride along the salty part of inland water. During the trip we saw the kinds of vegetation and animals that thrive in this part of the river. The boat ride took twenty minutes and we reached the part of the sea very near to the Gulf of Thailand. We didn't go any further because the boat was small and might get capsized by the big waves.

Crab fried rice for lunch. Yum !

This is the Bangkok Sea View Restaurant. Notice that "sticks" are supporting the whole structure. Note also that the entire place is standing on mud. According to a staff of the restaurant, water would surround the restaurant at high tide. Unfortunately, we came at the time when the summer heat is at its extreme, making the entire place dry and dull.

This is the part of the sea where the territory of Bangkok ends. If you go further, you will be in the Gulf of Thailand. Human activity is very much visible here. Notice the "sticks" at the background. A closer look will show you green mollusks which Thai people loves to eat grilled being cultured here.

Above is a photo of the kind of vegetation that thrives in inland salt water. The roots of the trees are big and grows above the water.

The part of the sea we went has dried out because of the heat and also because it was low tide. There was mud all around us and we found crabs digging for a cooler place to stay and in the photo above we noticed this sea animal that we cannot recognize if it is a fish or a crustacean.

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