Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Home Full of Memories

My home, every corner of it has beautiful memories of my family life, of my childhood days. It's no longer the same as before, there is a feeling of loneliness in it, now that my mom is sick and since my aunt passed away three years ago. My dad and my sister Susan lives here and my youngest sister Belle is here everyday with her active and noisy children.

Mom planted this Dona Aurora seedling not so long ago. It's now a young tree bearing lots of beautiful white flowers.
My mom tended this small garden when she was still well and strong. My dad now does this chore daily since she got sick.

The sun's rays as seen through the leaves of the Kamias tree that my mom planted many years ago. For me, the sun's rays symbolizes the warmth of love she gave to us her children and the unending hope for her complete recovery.

Tzu-Tzu, Susan's dog is trying to recognise me.

My dad's vintage Volk's is still around.

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