Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Special Day With Mom

A mass was celebrated today in my brother's home for the recovery of my mom and also as a thanksgiving for my safe arrival in Manila. On the priest's left is my brother Felix and on the right is my dad.

I cried so hard when I saw her today for the first time in eight years. She obliged to smile as I took this photo of her. I'm not giving up on you, you are always in my prayers wherever I may be. One day you will get well, you will regain back your health and you strength. I still believe in miracles.

She is my mom, the reason why I urgently went home. She was diagnosed with cancer 10 months ago. Our love and prayers are supporting her in this very difficult times. Please offer a short prayer for her recovery.

My mom and dad together this morning after mass in Felix's home.

My hosts this morning, Vilma, my sister-in-law, who cooked the delicious spaghetti we ate for lunch, her kids, Gabrielle , seated on the left and Michael, seated on theright. My Aunt Luming is standing beside Vilma.

After spending the day with mom, I went home that night to my childhood home. And these cute little angels greeted me, Raphael, 4 years on the left and Uriel, 7 months on the right. Both are kids of my youngest sister Belle.

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