Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lingering in My Thoughts

1. A week just passed, the weekend spent productively, another new week to look forward to. The early morning rush to finish chores, a quick breakfast, preparing a child for school are the usual things that occupy my weekdays. And lastly, the early morning trip to work.
2. I need to spend more time tutoring my son in science, English, social studies and Cathechism during weekends. The daily home chores is driving me crazy. I have to manage my weekend schedule better.
3. I realized recently that my son is now in CCD grade 7, the Confirmation class. Time flies, it seems it was only yesterday that he received his First Holy Communion.
4. Tons of paper work awaits me tomorrow morning. I'll manage all these before next weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
5. Thinking where to go next Sunday after mass and CCD. Amusement parks is a big NO, NO. Still thinking, still planning.
6. And of course, I have to update my three blogs, my Facebook and Flickr accounts and experiment in making really nice videos to upload on YouTube.
7. Remembering the third death anniversary of my dearest mom in October.
8. And lastly, anticipating my weeklong holiday in October.

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