Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pretty Work of Art

Here are two of the projects that JM made in his handicrafts class. Above is a baseball cap made of yellow recycled green tea boxes and sewn together using a crochet thread.

The one above was proudly presented to me this afternoon when he arrived home from school, Garfield in a picture frame made from tiny bits of recycled styrofoam glued together and painted with watercolor when all the glued parts have been completed.

My son JM with his work of art from school. Every work of art he makes is a treasure I'll keep and cherish. I have a blog just for his artworks and handicrafts, http://jmsartjournal.blogspot.com/ . I'll have something to look back on, mementos of his childhood years when I'm old and grey. Mom loves you so much JM !

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